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In 1961, a group of gentlemen decided to help start the process of constructing Low-income housing in Malakoff, Texas. These gentlemen became the first commissioner's of the Housing Authority of Malakoff, Texas.
         * Finis E. Hardy
         * Dan Royall Jr.
         * Raymond Reese
         * Carney Kirby
         * J.D. Waller
Along with these men, the City Mayor M.L. Drake began the steps towards organizing the HA.

On June 4th 1962, W.O. Green was appointed as a new commissioner and Finis Hardy resigned as commissioner. On that day the Board of Commissioners decided that the position of Executive Director should belong to Finis Hardy. From that day Mr. Hardy helped build the Housing Authority. He helped a numerous amount of families and individuals.

In April of 1981, George Quinn became the E.D. for the HA after Mr. Hardy retired. He remained in this position until December 1981 when his wife Mrs. Jeanette Quinn took the position. Mrs. Quinn did so much for the families and individuals whom resided in the HA. She help countless families on their way through life.

On January 25, 2005 Mrs. Quinn resigned as E.D. and Sandy Sparks was employed as Executive Director. Mrs. Sparks has strived to make the HA apartments more like homes. Today the three sites (Barron Court, Martin Plaza, & Terry Plaza) have achieved that goal and remain crime-free. We are continually looking for ways to help our residents and their families prosper.